NESARA INDIA - The Beginning        of Golden Age Is Here….

 World looks upon us

Our India is a sacred land of sages, gods, scents, reformers - those since ancient times have shown the world the light of humanity and strived for human enlightenment. Enlightenment is the birthright of every human being. So many faiths, religions, casts, beliefs – India truly shows the unity in diversity. We, along with the rest of the world, are embarking upon a Heaven on Earth…NOW.

 With our high spirits, we Indians have always supported the highest goal for humanity worldwide. We foster peace in world. For enlightenment, the humanity must come out of its present situations – the ones that distort and devalue human rights of peace and freedom. The freedom is needed – freedom from corruption, freedom from selfish plights of nations like wars that traumatize common man’s life, freedom from worrying about the basics of survival – we have the means to bring this freedom NOW!

The humanity is here to stay and achieve enlightenment as long as there are enough pure human hearts wishing and putting efforts for reformation. Gifted pure hearted Indian have always supported the great cause of humanity. And the great shift happening for benefit of humanity, all common people worldwide, is not a dream but a reality that needs every true Indian’s support from heart. People around the globe are opening up the field of all possibilities with Nesara and all the blessings that will flow with its announcement.


No wonder so many scams are coming to light that we Indians never imagined of, biggest being the stamp scam estimated to be INR 3 crores!!!  Its time when universe is unveiling things and much more is happening. Join Nesara India to help spread the knowledge to all Indians and bring more light.





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